Forever Free!
Business Hub
You Get!
  1. A sense of belonging to a community of like-minded people
  2. Early Bird offers to Legends and Legacy networking events
  3. Discounts on global conferences
  4. Coupons and sales on selected services provided by members
  5. Listing in the Business Hub (if desired)
  6. Networking, promotions and referrals opportunities for your business, events and offerings
Mthly $39.99
Leadership Hub

Everything from the Free Business Hub Plus+

  1. Personal growth and professional development for individuals, small business owners, and aspiring or seasoned entrepreneurs
  2. Legends and Legacy Learning Access - Connect with Legacy Leavers (thought leaders, legends, coaches, mentors, trainers, speakers, authors, teachers, and educators) enroll in courses and access learning resources to maximize your training, knowledge, creativity, motivation and potential
  3. Initial strategy and coaching
  4. Goal Setting Mastery Workshop
  5. Discounts on L&L products and services
  6. No expiration date on Early Bird Specials on L&L events
Mthly $89.99
Legends Hub

Everything from the Leadership Hub Plus+

  1. Business growth and development for Legacy Leavers (thought leader, legend, coach, mentor, trainer, speaker, author, teacher, and educator)
  2. Connect with Learners/Mentees using the Legends and Legacy Learning online platform. Load and sell your training courses, workshops, learning resources, insight, and digital content.
  3. Initial Consultation: Improved processes and new ways to monetize your business
  4. Business Strategy: Business Model Canvas, Goal Setting and Action Plan
  5. Accountability Buddy: Free 30 minutes Check-ins per month (Objectives and Key Results; Plans, Progress, Problems)
  6. Global Speaking Opportunities at L&L events
Mthly $249.99
Legacy Hub
Everything from the Legends Hub Plus+
  1. Business/Personal Visioning to achieve business expansion & entrepreneurial freedom
  2. Complimentary passes to L&L networking events
  3. Marketplace vending and brand showcasing opportunities at L&L events
  4. Transformation Consulting (Business, Leadership & Life) -  50 thirty-minute sessions per year
  5. Digital Transformation Strategy & Roadmap: Transform your business from being tactic-driven to customer-driven; optimize customer experience, performance & profitability
  6. Digital Media Trifecta Plan: Define the right-mix of Owned, Paid & Earned Media for building your brand awareness and increasing sales (e.g. website, mobile app, blog, email campaign, social media channels, other print & digital assets)