Our Vision


  • Evolve Leadership . Establish Relationships .  Expand Entrepreneurship .

What is Legends & Legacy?

Legends & Legacy is a movement where we engage and encourage local leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals to walk passionately into their purpose and destiny. Establishing themselves as a Legend while leaving a Legacy to impact future generations.

Legends & Legacy offers events to equip, energize and elevate Christian professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners. We aim to help them align their profession with their purpose for excellence, affluence, and influence.

Life is hectic when you are working hard towards your aspirations of career advancement, making a difference and leaving a legacy. Our events are an opportunity to continue to make a mark in a cordial, elegant and celebratory atmosphere.

The time invested will grow your network, elevate you and connect you to greatness for God’s glory.

You are a legend by what you do and accomplish. Your legacy is who you are and become. The legacy you leave will be determined by the life you lead, the hearts you touch, and the souls you change. 

“Think like a Legend… Leave a Legacy!”

About Our Community

The Legends & Legacy community engages people in every form of vocation, profession, entrepreneurship, calling and creativity. So whether you are a leader or a follower, an innovator or an implementer, an aspiring young entrepreneur or a seasoned entrepreneur, an executive or an employee; walking in a season of high success or experiencing the agony of defeat… This community is for you!

The Legends and Legacy community embraces you wherever you are on the journey. Whether you had a setback professionally or personally; feeling stuck, stalled and stunted in your growth, and you are ready to make a comeback… This community is for you!

If somehow you find yourself at a place where you are determined to elevate yourself and enable others… This community is for you!

The Movement 


A creative Christian Business Owners community that connects aspiring or seasoned entrepreneurs with millennial disruptors.

  • A  global and collaborative movement to

    • Transform cities by connecting purpose-driven individuals to embrace disruptive innovation, exploit opportunities from emerging markets, and elevate leadership and entrepreneurship
    • Inspire, ignite and influence Legends in equipping millennial, girls, women, youth, ethnic minorities, and diverse groups to become life-long learners, thus leaving a Legacy.


This collaborative movement will…

  • Change and challenge you to take your life to the next dimension
  • Help you maximize your potential to pursue your purpose, passionately
  • Build your capacity to make a mark in history and pave the way for future generations

Why should you become a member?

Inside everyone is a small, sometimes roaring voice saying you are called to pursue a life of Purpose. An experience that inspires, impacts and positively influences others both now and generations to come. However, many face obstacles too significant to overcome by themselves. Unforeseen changes in the industry they find themselves cause the once lively voice to become a small whimper. However, the sound is still there whispering,

“How do I explore and explode my existence? How do I manifest my vision to become a world changer?” What do I need to do to be recognized as a Legend while building and leaving a grand Legacy?

So, how do we advance in our careers and callings and at the same time align our talents with our faith? Often, the move to more a meaningful, impacting and purposeful life may require a change that challenges us in more ways that we think we are ready for, making the shift seemingly scary, risky. lonely or even impossible. Moreover, if you’ve been asking:

How can I grow and be equipped to build a Legacy? What must I pursue a profession that fulfil my purpose? What should I learn, decide and do differently to live my dream? What difference must I make to be a Legend that empowers, engages and enables others in their own life experience?

The Legends and Legacy community is the answer and the encounter that you need.

Join us for elegant and epic events with compelling speakers, keynote presentations and educational workshops. Hosted in a collaborative and comfortable setting where inspiring, impacting and influential people connect, change and challenge each other toward purpose and destiny.


How to become involved?


Events – Engaging, energetic and game-changing events with wisdom and thought leaders; delivering educational keynotes, motivational speeches, coaching and mentoring, disruptive panel discussions, breakout workshops, and structured networking for innovative and creative conversations.

Legends and Legacy hosts three events annually…

  1. Aspire: To kick-start each new year!
  2. Accelerate: To shift gears for mid-year momentum!
  3. Achieve: To finish the year strong!

Community – Nurture the relationships, beyond the events, join the Business Hub (access to the free business directory portal of entrepreneurs and small/medium business owners). We exchange business referrals, engage in networking opportunities, discuss and resolve business issues, build recognition with reviews and recommendations on each other’s brand.

Learning – Inspire life long learners in the continuous pursuit of knowledge for personal or professional reasons through the Learning Hub, with a collaboration of coaches, mentors, trainers, authors, speakers and facilitators, access to online and off-line educational opportunities. 

Services – Provide members access to entrepreneurial tools and resources, Business Consultants and Digital Strategists to grow your business; enabling Change and embracing disruptive innovation, using an affordable membership monthly subscription model. 

We are seeking to gain a critical mass of entrepreneurial leaders, creative and innovative thinkers, who are excited about something new; having a passion and a long-term vision about leaving a legacy. A community where dreams can become destiny; a paradigm shift and renewed mindset to lead with empathy, kindness and compassion; a determination and passion for succeeding and helping to position others for their purpose, no matter where you are in the journey. A commitment to help, give back and receive, as well as to participate in the activities and events to engage, empower, equip and enable others in the actual act of entrepreneurship.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead