Rebound Faith: Chayah (3 Book Series: Volume 1, 2, 3)

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Rebound Faith: CHAYAH!  (3 Book Series – Volume 1, 2, 3)



Chayah (pronounced khaw-yah) is a Hebrew word meaning; to live, to come alive, to revive, recover, be restored to life or health; to live victoriously, righteously, prosperously, and zealously!

Rebound Faith: Chayah, first in a series of book, where I share my compelling testimony, though painful yet powerfully revealing the glory of God. Expressed through the prayers, declarations, scriptures, strategies, and faith, God gave me to overcome and rebound from several significant setbacks in my life.

Rebound Faith: CHAYAH, Box Set, is the set of three volumes:

  • VOLUME ONE – One Legend’s Venture to Legacy…
  • VOLUME TWO – Live Victoriously and Righteously!
  • VOLUME THREE – Live Prosperously and ZealouslyBe empowered as I share my Prophetic Prayer Strategy, to activate your faith, Evolve you to a new level in the Transformative Change process, and Equip you with a renewed mind for mental wellness. Be elevated from depression and defeat to a definite place of peace, joy and victory. Share your story with zeal to transform others.

    God did it for me, and He will do it for you!

    Rebound and “Really” live… Chayah!

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