Rebound Faith: Chayah (Volume One)


Rebound Faith: CHAYAH! (Volume One): One Legend’s Venture to Legacy



I am a woman who knows pain, heartbreak, setbacks and defeat. I have tried and proved a game plan to achieve happiness and success, and I am now happy in my life and successful in my career. However, it doesn’t mean that I have stopped striving for more. Rebound Faith motivates me, even more, to continuously keep working on myself and helping others to succeed and chayah (a Hebrew word meaning to ‘really’ live).

Rebound Faith: CHAYAH, Volume One is the first of three volumes where I share my transformational and therapeutic story. I hope that my testimony of believing in God and having faith will help you achieve the impossible, even when you don’t think that it’s possible. In this volume, I share my story of pain, loss, and suffering and the power of faith. I share how faith can strengthen one’s life-path. In my account of the struggle, and the journey to happiness, I hope you can relate and see how our efforts can help others believe in the impossible all over again. I open up and unpack my life to show how positive thoughts, a renewed mindset and belief in yourself and God, can empower you to conquer the world.

Volume One of Chayah provides a peek into my background and my aspirations. Be prepared to be engaged, encouraged and energized by my victorious rebound. Be ready to be uplifted by my zest to elevate and evolve, so that you too can rebound and ‘really’ live despite it all.

God did it for me! Now it is your turn!

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