Rebound Faith: Chayah (Volume Three)





Rebound Faith: CHAYAH, Volume Three is the third of three volumes in the Chayah book series, where I provide the game plan for you to live prosperously and zealously.

Live prosperously! Despite it all; Living Healthily, Wealthily, Affluently and Richly! I aim to help you understand depression and disrupt the stigma in the church, the community, and the corporate workplace. My own experience in overcoming situational depression, caused by a messy divorce, propelled me into becoming an advocate for mental wellness in which I share the strategies for others to rebound and chayah (‘really’ live). I am determined to help others who are hurting in silence as well as those limited in their growth, creativity and prosperity. In this book, I encourage you to continue thriving for complete wellness spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially and physically. Equip you with a renewed mind for transformation that enables you to enjoy mental wellness characterized by Positivity, Perseverance, Praise, Prophecy and Prayers.

Mental wellness will be your new wealth; you will become abundantly wealthy!

Live zealously! Despite it all; Living Enthusiastically, Keenly and Passionately! I am transparent with sharing my own story to encourage you to be bold and gain your voice by owning, writing or sharing your Rebound Faith story with the zeal that brings praises to God. You will experience the game-changing power of your account which in turn changes lives, heals minds, wins souls and leaves a legacy of faith for future generations.

God did it for me; now it is your turn.

Rebound and ‘really’ live… Chayah!

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