Rebound Faith: Chayah (Volume Two)





Rebound Faith: CHAYAH, Volume Two is the second of three volumes in the Chayah book series, where I provide the game plan for you to live victoriously and righteously. Live Victoriously! Despite it all; you can live triumphantly and gloriously even after a significant setback. In this book, I teach you how to live victoriously throughout the Transformative Change Process by always identifying where you are in the cycle. I provide the principles and strategies for your comeback using the five (5) Vs (from the Violation, the Venting, and Valley of depression, you power up with a new Vision, and the Vow to chayah – ‘really’ live).

I will journey with you to get you ready and focused on the Spiritual Weapons to fight from a position of victory at each stage of the transformation process. Supporting you as you venture from the Violation, silencing the Venting, coming out of the Valley of depression and quickened to life with a new Vision and a Vow to chayah! Equipped with the faith, you will unlock your redemption, recovery, and restoration; elevating you at each stage in the process by the truth of God’s Word that will drown out your fears and develop a more profound faith. You will learn, to trust and believe in God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

Live Righteously! Despite it all; Living Virtuously, Rightly and Justly! I will teach you how to pray fervently, and unlock the envisioned, future-state by applying an effective Prophetic Prayer Strategy (5 R’s). By maturing you through the Request, Revelation, Response and Receive stages as well as take you into the Rejoice stage. You will build unshakeable faith and a Godly-character of righteousness (the state of being in right standing with God through Christ, repentance, and obedience). By applying the truth of God’s Word, the matchless name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, and the consuming fire of the Holy Spirit, you will overcome defeat, and triumph to victory.

God did it for me; now it is your turn.

Rebound and ‘really’ live… Chayah!

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