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Executive Summary

Legends & Legacy is a Global Business Transformation and Entrepreneur Empowerment movement. We aim to transform cities by connecting like-minded people in communities, elevating leadership and entrepreneurship, embracing disruptive innovation. 

Our Sage Leaders, whom we call Legends, have significant successes, accomplishments, wisdom, leadership skills, and experiences.  They bring to the table visions, values, and virtues. These legends are determined to leave a meaningful legacy behind for the generations that follow. They are excited to send the “elevator” down and open the doors by investing in the next generation of leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.


The Legends & Legacy Movement in a nutshell:

  • Evolves Leadership. Establishes Relationships.  Expands Entrepreneurship.
  • Engages Legends and aid them in equipping millennial, girls, women, youths, ethnic minorities, and diverse groups for leadership and entrepreneurship, thereby leaving a Legacy.



The Problems


Our Solutions

90% of businesses fail in the first few years. However, 70% of entrepreneurs who receive the right mentorship will survive beyond five years or more.

  • Connect Sage Leaders, Role Models, and Seasoned Entrepreneurs (Legends) with aspiring or “stuck” Entrepreneurs.
  • Create a collaborative community to educate and pass on wisdom and experience (Legacy) for greater entrepreneurial success.
  • Host regular events for Training, Mentoring and Networking.

There is a growing void in Business Leadership due to boomers exiting the marketplace.


  • Provide Leadership Coaching, Digital Transformation, and Change Management Services at cost or pro-bono to members.
  • Build Entrepreneurial Centres of Excellence enabled by Digital Technology; provide Entrepreneurs with access to resources, support, feedback, and collaboration through a peer-peer network (accountability buddy hub) and partnership network (mentor’s hub).

Disruptive technology and business models have changed the entrepreneurial landscape, which threatens the existence of many traditional businesses.


  • Connect Innovators and Digital Disruptors with Entrepreneurs to evaluate start-up ideas, launch new ventures or transform their existing businesses enabled by technology; contributing to job creation and economic growth.


Lack of funding disempowerment and limited “voice” faced by diverse people or groups such as millennials, women, and ethnic minorities

  • Facilitate Community advocacy and pioneer paradigm shifts.
  • Assist with access to public funding through awareness and Grant Writing.
  • Forge strategic partnerships with large corporations, influencers, incubators for acceleration programs, growth hacking, platforms, channels, and leadership injection to elevate entrepreneurship within various communities.
  • Encourage diversity in entrepreneurship for women, youth, millennial, and ethnic minorities to improve innovation and facilitate economic empowerment.
  • Inspire these individuals to play an active, pivotal role in influencing business and entrepreneurial culture within society.
  • Build, identify and promote role models in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths within diverse groups (girls and women) to influence, impact and increase Engagement, Education, and Leadership.


Target Audiences

Our target audience is world-changers.  Persons with unbelievable capacity, who are enthusiastic for wisdom, support, guidance, and opportunities to apply their creativity to change lives, families, communities and nations.


Our legends are partners, who have a strong desire and enthusiasm to invest in others and leave a legacy by passing on their wisdom to future leaders and agents of global transformational change.



  • Partners: Legends and Sage leaders – iconic leaders, Business Titans, Philanthropists, Corporate Senior Leaders.
  • Participants: Aspiring and “stuck” Entrepreneurs:
    • Start-ups
    • Small / Medium Sized Business



  • High School and Post Secondary Students
  • Female Entrepreneurs
  • Minority Entrepreneurs
  • Millennial Entrepreneurs
  • Girls with interest in Technology, Science, Maths, and Innovation.
  • Youth with an Entrepreneurial mindset



“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


Legends & Legacy in Action

Legends & Legacy hosts local events designed to deliver contents for the specific target groups.


We have hosted successful events and engaged some compelling speakers:

  • Mindfulness – A Winning Mindset! (October 20, 2018)
  • Emerge! (November 17, 2018)

Upcoming events and proposed dates:

  • Saturday, June 9, 2019 – Accelerate Event – 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

  • Saturday, October 26, 2019 – Achieve Event – 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

  •  Saturday, January 11, 2020 – Aspire Event – 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

  • Saturday, June 6, 2020 – Accelerate Event – 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

  • Saturday, October 24, 2020 – Achieve Event – 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.


Services for Start-Ups and Expanding Businesses

  • Memberships Packages and Hubs 
  • Partnerships: Sponsors, Volunteers, Sage Leaders, Legends, Legacy Leavers
  • Events – Networking, Conferences, and Summits
  • Speaking Engagements, Relationship Building, Business Referrals, Vending and showcasing opportunities.
  • Strategic Business Planning – Value Proposition, Business Model Testing, Business Plan Design.
  • Digital Transformation (Strategy & Roadmap)
  • Expert Transformational Consulting in Business, Leaders and LIfe
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship Training, Education, and Learning 
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Pitch Preparation & Competition


  • Research, Market and Business Intelligence
  • Product Management & Development (Concept to Commercialization).
  • Project Management & Change Management
  • Strategic partnerships: Incubation, Acceleration, Investments, Hackathons, Platform, Channels, Spin-offs.
  • Funding and Partnership
  • Cash Flow, Budgeting and Financial Management.
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Operational Efficiency Analysis
  • Legal Advice and IP Registration Services
  • Book Publishing, Collaboration & Marketing
  • Digital Marketing and Management (Strategy, Creative, Development, and Operations).



“All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.”  Jim Rohn

Our Goals for Sponsorship

  • Remove the price barrier for attendees
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Improve overall service delivery
  • Recognition for your contribution and effectiveness in advancing the entrepreneurial community

How can you help?

Legends and Legacy is seeking your partnership, sponsorship, and support for the 2019 and 2020 Legends and Legacy movement, starting with our upcoming events in 2019.

We are seeking help  in any of the following areas:

  • A regular sponsored host location.
  • A donation of any value to offset the costs of the event.
  • Volunteers to assist during the event.
  • Help with promoting and spreading the word about the movement.
  • Volunteer Sage Leaders to mentor our members and contribute to our service offering.


Get Connected!

Our team is excited to customize a proposal for you and your organization.  We are also available to clarify any misunderstanding and to equip you with more information about Legends & Legacy, the global entrepreneurial movement. The resources we have available will help to support you or the community, and give you the opportunity to get involved and evolve yourself and others, whether as a valued Client, Sponsor, Partner or Legend. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Nicola McFadden, Co-Founder, and Co-Host

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Ken Gray, Co-Founder, and Co-Host

+1. 647.286.6256


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